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Our Story

“From our plantation to your cup”

The Panama Roasted story is one of passion and family. Edgar moved to New Zealand and noticed that Kiwi’s have a strong passion for coffee. Having a young family in New Zealand and family back in Panama, Edgar wanted a way to combine the love of family and coffee together. Convincing his family to plant their Panama highlands farm in coffee and shipping the beans to New Zealand to be lovingly roasted, means that there is no middle-man. Everyone can now experience the love and passion that Edgar, Catherine and their kids put into every single bean.

Meet the family!

Combining the love of family and coffee together

Edgar - The marketing man/chief roaster. Edgar can always be spotted out and about promoting our coffee to all the coffee lovers around NZ.

Catherine - The ideas lady, Catherine's notebook is always filled with different ways to to market our coffee. All good ideas start with great coffee, couldn't be any truer for her.

Senor Toto (Edgar's Dad) - Toto is our green fingered legend in Panama. He takes great care of our plantation. Without Toto, we wouldn't have the wonderfully grown coffee to share with you!

Senor Allan (Edgar's Brother) - Allan makes sure all our coffee is graded and bagged with care before arranging shipment to NZ.

Jill (Catherine's Mum) - Jill nearly drinks more coffee than our farm can produce! She is our cupping expert when it comes to creating the perfect roast.

Isabella (Catherine & Edgar's daughter) - Isabella is not your average three year old, she loves being a part of the roasting process, often listening our for the "first crack" of the beans.

Sophia (Catherine & Edgar's daughter) - Sophia is the youngest member of the team, although she is barely walking, she still knows where the coffee is kept.